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RWS Super H Point cal 0.177 – 500 Count

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The RWS Super H Point airgun pellet is a high-quality option for hunters and target shooters. It features a pointed head, hollow point design, and special lubricant for improved accuracy and penetration. Available in multiple sizes and weights. Ideal for hunting or target shooting.

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The RWS Super H Point airgun pellet is designed for hunters and target shooters alike. Made from high-quality materials, this pellet provides exceptional accuracy and consistency with each shot. The pointed head and hollow point design of the pellet makes it ideal for hunting, as it provides deep penetration and maximum energy transfer.

The Super H Point pellet is also coated with a special lubricant to reduce friction and improve accuracy. Whether you’re looking for a reliable pellet for hunting or target shooting, the RWS Super H Point is an excellent choice. This pellet is available in a range of sizes and weights, so you can choose the right one for your airgun. Also, check Aman Airgun India BB’s.

  • Count: 500

2 reviews for RWS Super H Point cal 0.177 – 500 Count

  1. Aruna Narang

    Precision Redefined! Aman Airgun India has hit the bullseye with the RWS Super H Point pellets in caliber 0.177. The 500-count pack is a testament to the commitment to customer satisfaction. These pellets boast unparalleled accuracy, making them a favorite among airgun enthusiasts. The H-shaped tip design not only ensures optimal penetration but also showcases the attention to detail in their manufacturing. If you’re looking for pellets that elevate your shooting experience, these are it!

  2. Nirmal Patla

    Aman Airgun India Delivers Excellence! The RWS Super H Point pellets in caliber 0.177 are a game-changer in the airgun world. Purchased from Aman Airgun India, these pellets stand out for their impeccable quality and design. The 500-count pack is a generous offering, and each pellet’s superb accuracy makes every shot count. The H-shaped tip enhances penetration and expansion, making them ideal for various shooting applications. A reliable choice that exceeds expectations.

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