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RWS Superdom Cal .177 – 500 Count

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RWS Superdome pellets: high-quality airgun ammunition for precise shooting. Ideal for small game hunting & target shooting. Available at Aman Gun Store India.

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The RWS Superdom Pellets are high-quality airgun ammunition that is designed to deliver consistent, accurate performance. These pellets are perfect for target shooting, hunting and other airgun applications. They feature a lead coating that helps to improve accuracy and reduce deformation, ensuring that each shot is as precise as the last.

Additionally, the pellets are designed to provide consistent expansion and penetration, making them ideal for a variety of shooting situations. Whether you’re a seasoned airgun Enthusiast or just getting started. The RWS Superdom Pellets are a great choice for your airgun Ammunition needs. Get your hands on these premium pellets today at Aman Gun Store India!, Also, buy airgun pistol online India from us.

  • Coount: 500

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2 reviews for RWS Superdom Cal .177 – 500 Count

  1. Nitin Maji

    I recently acquired the RWS Superdom Cal .177 pellets from Aman Airgun India, and overall, I am quite pleased with their performance. The pellets exhibit remarkable accuracy, providing consistent groupings at various distances. The design and weight consistency make them a reliable choice for target practice and small game hunting.

    Aman Airgun India’s service was commendable, ensuring a smooth purchasing experience. The pellets arrived promptly, and the packaging was secure. However, I did notice a slight variation in the pellet skirts across the batch, affecting the overall uniformity. While this didn’t significantly impact accuracy, it’s a minor aspect that could be improved.

    Despite this minor quibble, the RWS Superdom pellets have earned their place in my collection. Their performance and the efficient service from Aman Airgun India make them a solid choice for any airgun enthusiast.

  2. Mana Rathav

    I recently purchased the RWS Superdom Cal .177 pellets from Aman Airgun India, and I couldn’t be more impressed. These pellets are a testament to precision engineering. The consistency in weight and shape ensures unparalleled accuracy with every shot. Whether you are a seasoned marksman or a beginner honing your skills, these pellets deliver exceptional performance.

    The attention to detail in manufacturing is evident, as the pellets consistently provide tight groupings. The clean and polished finish contributes to smooth barrel engagement, enhancing the overall shooting experience. I’ve tried various pellets before, but the RWS Superdoms stand out in terms of reliability and performance.

    Aman Airgun India’s service was top-notch. The pellets arrived promptly, and the packaging was secure. Overall, I highly recommend the RWS Superdom Cal .177 pellets to any airgun enthusiast. They have become my go-to choice for precision shooting.

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