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RWS Superfield cal 0.177 – 500 Count


Get reliable and accurate shots with RWS Superfield airgun pellets, available at Aman Gun Store India. Wadcutter design for target shooting and hunting, with consistent lead coating for improved accuracy. Ideal for airgun enthusiasts.

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The RWS Superfield pellet is a versatile and reliable choice for airgun enthusiasts. It features a smooth and uniform lead coating, ensuring consistent shot placement and accuracy. The wadcutter design makes it ideal for both target shooting and hunting, providing clean, precise cuts in paper targets and maximum shock transfer in game.

With its classic design and high-quality construction, the RWS Superfield pellet is a top choice for airgun shooters everywhere. Also, Walther CP88 Pellet Gun available at Aman Airgun India. 

  • Count:500


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