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Walther Hunter Impact Pellets

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Walther Hunter Impact Pellets offer precision and accuracy for target shooting and small game hunting. Made from premium materials, they have an aerodynamic design for maximum speed and accuracy and maintain velocity over distance. The special Hunter Impact coating reduces friction and improves accuracy. Suitable for a wide range of airguns, these reliable and high-quality pellets are a popular choice among airgun enthusiasts.

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Walther Hunter Impact Pellets are the perfect choice for airgun enthusiasts who demand precision and accuracy in their shooting. We designed these high-quality pellets for optimal performance, making them ideal for target shooting and small game hunting.

Walther Hunter Impact Pellets are made from premium materials, ensuring that they will not deform or damage your airgun. They have a sleek and aerodynamic design that allows them to travel through the air with minimal resistance, delivering maximum speed and accuracy.

This design ensures that these pellets maintain their velocity over longer distances, making them ideal for shooting targets from a distance. The special Hunter Impact coating helps to reduce friction. And improve accuracy, making sure that your shots are always on target.

Whether you’re an experienced shooter or just starting out, Walther Hunter Impact Pellets are an excellent choice. Their superior quality and reliability make them a popular choice among airgun enthusiasts, and they are suitable for use with a wide range of airguns. Upgrade your shooting game today with Walther Hunter Impact Pellets! Get airgun license India only from Aman Airgun India.

  • Brand: Walther

2 reviews for Walther Hunter Impact Pellets

  1. Ankit Verma

    I recently purchased the Walther Hunter Impact Pellets from Aman Airgun India. While the pellets themselves are of decent quality and function as expected, I did encounter a minor issue with the packaging. Some of the pellets arrived slightly deformed, which affected their accuracy during shooting.

    Aman Airgun India’s customer service was responsive and offered a solution to replace the damaged pellets, which I appreciate. However, I believe better quality control during packaging could prevent such issues in the first place.

    In terms of performance, when the pellets were not deformed, they worked well in my airgun. They delivered good accuracy and consistency. So, if the packaging issue is resolved, these pellets would be a solid choice.

  2. Sushma Gupta

    I recently purchased the Walther Hunter Impact Pellets from Aman Airgun India, and I must say, I’m thoroughly impressed with their performance. These pellets are incredibly accurate and consistent, making them perfect for my target shooting practice. The quality and craftsmanship are top-notch, and they fit perfectly into my airgun.

    Aman Airgun India provided excellent service with a prompt delivery, ensuring that I received my order in perfect condition. I would highly recommend these pellets to anyone in the airgun community. Overall, a fantastic product and shopping experience!

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