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BSA Scorpion


Discover precision and power with the BSA Scorpion Air Rifle, available exclusively at Aman Airgun India in Delhi. This .177 caliber bolt action beauty boasts a 19″ barrel, reaching 850 fps velocity and 180m range. Perfect for plinking and target practice. Order online or visit the store for ultimate shooting excellence.


Introducing the BSA Scorpion Air Rifle – your ultimate choice for precision shooting and unparalleled performance. Available exclusively at the renowned Aman Airgun India store in Delhi, India. This masterpiece of airgun engineering is just a click away on the Aman Airgun India website.

Engineered by the renowned brand BSA, the Scorpion Air Rifle stands out in sleek black, exuding a sense of sophistication. Its bolt action mechanism ensures smooth and reliable firing, while the 19″ barrel length optimizes accuracy, making it a perfect companion for plinking and target practice enthusiasts.

Crafted with a blend of Synthetic and metal materials. The Scorpion Air Rifle strikes an ideal balance between Durability and aesthetics. Operating at a caliber of .177, this air rifle achieves a maximum Velocity of 850 fps, allowing you to hit targets with precision and finesse at a remarkable range of 180 meters.

Modelled as the Scorpion SE Tactical, this air rifle weighs Approximately 3 kg, ensuring comfortable handling during extended shooting sessions. Whether you’re honing your shooting skills or engaging in serious target practice, the BSA Scorpion Air Rifle guarantees an exceptional experience.

Visit Aman Airgun India’s store in Delhi or conveniently order online through their website to own the BSA Scorpion Air Rifle. Elevate your shooting endeavors with this top-tier air rifle that encapsulates reliability, accuracy, and style, brought to you by BSA and Aman Airgun India.

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  • Brand: BSA
  • Color: Black
  • Action Mechanism: Bolt Action
  • Barrel Length: 19″
  • Caliber: .177
  • Material: Synthetic & Metal
  • Max Velocity: 850 fps
  • Model Name/Number: Scorpion SE Tactical
  • Range: 180 m
  • Usage/Application: Plinking, Target Practice
  • Weight: 3 kg approx


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