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The GAMO PT 80 is a powerful and reliable CO2 pellet pistol. With a max velocity of 120 m/s and an 8-shot rotary pellet magazine, it offers a great shooting experience. The pistol features a fixed rear sight and a synthetic stock. Buy now at Aman Airgun India for an exceptional shooting experience.


The GAMO PT 80 is a CO2 pellet pistol that offers a powerful and reliable shooting experience. With a maximum velocity of 120 m/s, it is capable of shooting pellets accurately and with great force. The pistol features an 8-shot rotary pellet magazine, which makes it easy to load and shoot.

The fixed rear sight and synthetic stock add to the pistol’s durability and make it a great choice for target shooting and plinking.One of the standout features of the GAMO PT 80 is its accuracy. The pistol is capable of shooting pellets with great precision, making it ideal for target shooting and plinking.

The synthetic stock also adds to the pistol’s durability, making it a great choice for regular use.If you’re looking for a reliable and accurate pellet pistol, the GAMO PT 80 is an excellent choice.

It is available now at Aman Airgun India, where you can purchase it for an exceptional shooting experience. Whether you’re a seasoned shooter or just starting out, the GAMO PT 80 is a great choice for anyone looking for a high-quality pellet pistol.

So why wait? Buy now and experience the power and accuracy of the GAMO PT 80.

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  • CALIBER: .177
  • POWER (JOULES) <7.5 Joules
  • VELOCITY (M/S) 120 m/s
  • ACTION: Single or double action
  • TRIGGER LOCK: Manual safety Mechanism
  • RAIL: Rail not available
  • MAGAZINE: 8-shot rotary pellet magazine
  • BARREL: Rifled steel barrel
  • BLOWBACK: Non-blowback
  • SIGHTS: Fixed Sights

2 reviews for GAMO PT 80

  1. Priya Singh

    I recently bought the GAMO PT 80 Air Pistol from Aman Airgun India, and I have mixed feelings about it. Let’s start with the positives – the .177 caliber, 120 m/s velocity, and the 8-shot rotary pellet magazine are all great features. This air pistol definitely delivers in terms of power and convenience.

    However, I did encounter a couple of drawbacks. Firstly, the absence of a rail is a letdown for me. I like to attach accessories like scopes or lights, and the lack of a rail limits my customization options.

    Secondly, while the manual safety mechanism is a nice addition, I found it a bit stiff and difficult to engage and disengage quickly. This could be improved for better user experience.

    On a positive note, the accuracy of the rifled steel barrel is impressive, and the fixed sights work well for target shooting.

    In summary, the GAMO PT 80 is a decent air pistol with good power and convenience features. It could be made even better with a rail for customization and some refinement in the manual safety mechanism. Overall, it serves its purpose, but there’s room for improvement.

  2. Ankit Sharma

    I recently purchased the GAMO PT 80 Air Pistol from Aman Airgun India, and I must say, I’m thoroughly impressed! This air pistol packs a punch with its .177 caliber and delivers outstanding performance. The velocity of 120 m/s ensures that my shots are accurate and hit the mark every time.

    What I love most about this air pistol is its versatility. Whether I want to shoot in single or double action, the PT 80 handles both modes flawlessly. The manual safety mechanism adds an extra layer of security, which is crucial when using such a powerful airgun.

    The 8-shot rotary pellet magazine is a game-changer for me. It allows me to take multiple shots without constantly reloading, making target practice a breeze. The rifled steel barrel ensures excellent accuracy, and the fixed sights are spot on.

    I also appreciate the non-blowback design, as it reduces recoil and makes shooting more comfortable. While it doesn’t have a rail, I don’t find that to be a significant drawback for my purposes.

    Overall, I couldn’t be happier with my purchase. The GAMO PT 80 Air Pistol is a fantastic addition to my collection, and I highly recommend it to any airgun enthusiast.

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