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Premium Steel BB’s 500 counts


Premium Steel BB’s come in a pack of 500 and are crafted from high-quality steel for durability and accuracy. Their uniform size and weight provide precise shots for both indoor and outdoor target shooting. These BB’s are perfect for novice and experienced shooters alike, and their compact size allows for easy storage and transportation.

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Introducing Premium Steel BB’s from Aman Airgun India, the perfect ammunition for your airgun shooting needs. With a count of 500, this pack provides you with plenty of master shot pellets to keep you shooting for hours on end.

Crafted from high-quality steel, these BB’s provide durability and accuracy with every shot. The uniform size and weight of the BB’s ensure that each shot is precise and hits its intended target, making them perfect for both indoor and outdoor target shooting.

Premium Steel BB’s are designed to provide consistent accuracy and velocity, making them an ideal choice for novice and experienced shooters alike. When you buy airguns online India, these BB’s are the perfect addition to your collection.

The pack comes in a compact and convenient size, making it easy to store and transport. Whether you’re an airgun enthusiast or simply looking for reliable and high-quality ammunition for your airgun, Premium Steel BB’s are a great choice.

With 500 rounds per pack, you’ll have plenty of master shot pellets to keep you shooting all day long. So why wait? Buy airguns online from Aman Airgun India and get your pack of Premium Steel BB’s today!

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  • Count: 500 rounds


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