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The Walther PPQ M2 Blowback CO2 Pellet Pistol is a high-quality, semi-automatic airgun that shoots .177 caliber pellets. Its realistic blowback action and all-metal construction make it great for training and target shooting. With a Picatinny rail and adjustable rear sight, it’s accurate and powerful. Order yours today.


The Walther PPQ M2 Blowback CO2 Pellet Pistol is a high-quality airgun that is designed for serious airgun enthusiasts. It is a semi-automatic pistol that shoots .177 caliber pellets and is powered by a 12-gram CO2 cartridge.

One of the key features of this airgun is its realistic blowback action, which mimics the recoil of a real firearm. This, coupled with the all-metal construction, gives the Walther PPQ M2 an authentic feel and makes it ideal for training or target shooting.

The pistol also features a Picatinny rail for mounting accessories, such as a laser sight or flashlight, and an adjustable rear sight for improved accuracy. With a maximum velocity of around 344 feet per second, the Walther PPQ M2 is accurate and powerful.

Overall, the Walther PPQ M2 Blowback CO2 Pellet Pistol is a top-of-the-line airgun that is sure to impress. Whether you’re a seasoned airgun enthusiast or just getting started, this airgun is a great choice. Get yours today and experience the quality and performance of a Walther airgun. Buy airgun license India from Aman Airgun India.


  • Energy level (E₀): < 3.0 J
  • Velocity (V₀): 105 m/s (344 fps)
  • Caliber: 4.5 mm (.177) Pellet
  • Power source: 1x 12 g CO₂
  • Magazine capacity: 21 rounds
  • Shot capacity: 105 rounds
  • Trigger: Double Action
  • Safety: Automatic Trigger Safety, Safety Lever
  • Length: 180 mm
  • Weight: 890 g
  • Front Sight: Yes
  • Rear Sight: Yes
  • Use: Plinking/Fun/Shooting Practice/Self Defence
  • Rail: No


  1. Rahim Gupta

    The WALTHER PPQ M2 BLOWBACK from Aman Airgun India is a solid performer! The double-action trigger provides a smooth and consistent pull, enhancing accuracy during shooting sessions. The automatic trigger safety and safety lever add an extra layer of security, making it suitable for various applications, including self-defense. The 4.5mm (.177) pellet caliber, combined with a velocity of 105 m/s, delivers a satisfying impact. While a rail would have been a nice addition, the overall build quality, and performance make this air pistol a great choice for plinking and shooting enthusiasts.

  2. Kailash Sankar

    WALTHER PPQ M2 BLOWBACK from Aman Airgun India is a true gem for airgun enthusiasts! The attention to detail in its construction, coupled with the powerful specs, makes it stand out. The 105 m/s velocity ensures a punchy impact, and the 21-round magazine capacity makes it ideal for extended plinking sessions. The double-action trigger is responsive, contributing to the overall accuracy. Whether for self-defense or casual shooting, this air pistol delivers a reliable and enjoyable experience. Aman Airgun India’s commitment to quality shines through in this fantastic product!

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