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Dan Wesson 2.5″ Gold BB Air Gun

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The Dan Wesson 2.5″ Gold BB Air Gun is a stylish and high-performing air gun. With a full metal construction, CO2 power, and realistic revolver design, it’s perfect for plinking and target shooting. Features a 6-round rotary magazine and comfortable rubber grip.


The Dan Wesson 2.5″ Gold BB Air Gun is a stylish and high-performing air gun that is perfect for plinking, target shooting, or just having fun. This air gun features a realistic design and feel, with a full metal construction and a 2.5″ snub-nose barrel.

The Gold BB Air Gun is powered by a 12-gram CO2 cartridge, which provides reliable and consistent performance, and can fire steel BBs at speeds up to 350 feet per second. The pistol has a smooth trigger pull and a fixed front sight and adjustable rear sight, providing a clear and accurate aiming point.

The Gold BB Air Gun has a 6-round rotary magazine, and the shells are loaded and ejected just like a real revolver. The pistol also features a comfortable rubber grip, making it easy to handle and shoot accurately.

Overall, the Dan Wesson 2.5″ Gold BB Air Gun is a great choice for those looking for a high-quality and realistic air gun that is both fun and reliable. Get best airgun for hunting in India, only from Aman Airgun India.


  • Brand: Dan Wesson
  • Manufacturer: ASG
  • Caliber: (.177) 4.5mm
  • Velocity: 350 fps
  • Length: 8.27 inch
  • Weight: 749gm
  • Shot Capacity: 6
  • Powerplant: CO2
  • Safety: Manual
  • Working Ejector Rod
  • Front Sight: Yes
  • Rear Sight: Yes
  • Use: Plinking/Fun/Shooting Practice/Self Defence

1 review for Dan Wesson 2.5″ Gold BB Air Gun

  1. aman

    highly recommended , very attractive, great features

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