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H&N Baracuda Power 300 counts


The H&N Baracuda Power pellets are high-quality air rifle ammunition with a rounded head design and copper-coated exterior for improved accuracy and penetration.

Made from high-quality lead, these pellets come in a convenient tin with 300 pellets and offer excellent consistency and performance in every shot. Ideal for hunting and sport shooting.

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The H&N Baracuda Power pellets are high-quality ammunition designed for air rifles that require superior accuracy and power. These pellets are crafted with precision to ensure maximum performance in every shot.

Featuring a unique rounded head design and a copper-coated exterior, the Baracuda Power pellets offer excellent accuracy and penetration power. The rounded head shape also improves aerodynamic performance, allowing the pellets to maintain their trajectory over longer distances.

Each pellet is carefully crafted from high-quality lead, ensuring consistency in weight and shape. This consistency results in improved accuracy, making the Baracuda Power pellets an excellent choice for hunters and shooters who demand precision in their shots.

These pellets come in a convenient tin with a screw-top lid, making them easy to store and transport. Each tin contains 300 pellets, providing shooters with plenty of ammunition for multiple hunting or shooting sessions.

Overall, the H&N Baracuda Power pellets are a reliable and high-performing option for air rifle enthusiasts. Whether you’re shooting for sport or hunting game, these pellets offer excellent accuracy, power, and consistency in every shot. Buy .177 pellets India Now only at Aman Airgun India.

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