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H&N Hornet 225 counts


The H&N Hornet pellets are ideal for air rifle enthusiasts. Each tin has 225 lead pellets with a pointed design for better penetration and accuracy. They are suitable for different air rifles and optimized for high velocity. Improve your accuracy and shooting skills with these reliable and effective pellets.

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The H&N Hornet 225 counts pellets are a top-quality ammunition option for air rifle enthusiasts. These pellets are designed to deliver high accuracy and penetration, making them perfect for hunting or target shooting.

Each tin contains 225 pellets, so you’ll have plenty of ammunition for multiple outings. The pellets are made from lead and feature a pointed design that enhances their penetrating power, allowing them to travel further and hit harder.

These pellets are suitable for use with a wide range of air rifles, and their consistent size and shape ensure that each shot is as accurate as possible. They are also optimized for high velocity, ensuring that they maintain their trajectory even at longer distances.

Whether you’re a seasoned shooter or just starting out, the H&N Hornet 225 counts pellets are a reliable and effective choice that will help you improve your accuracy and take your shooting to the next level. Order your tin today and experience the difference for yourself. Also, Get Walther CP88 pellet gun only from Aman Airgun India.

  • Count: 225


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