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The X9 CLASSIC Airgun offers a sleek design and high-quality performance. With a smooth-cocking lever, two-stage adjustable trigger, and precision-rifled barrel, this airgun is ideal for target shooting and small game hunting. Its fiber optic front and rear sights enhance accuracy and a removable magazine makes reloading easy. A great choice for airgun enthusiasts of all levels.


The X9 CLASSIC Airgun is a powerful and versatile airgun that offers excellent accuracy and performance. This airgun features a sleek, classic design and is built with high-quality materials to ensure durability.

It features a smooth-cocking lever and a two-stage adjustable trigger that gives you greater control over your shots. The X9 CLASSIC also has a precision-rifled barrel that provides consistent accuracy and is equipped with fiber optic front and rear sights for enhanced accuracy.

It is ideal for target shooting, plinking, and small game hunting. This airgun is also equipped with a removable magazine that makes reloading quick and easy. With its high-quality construction and user-friendly design, the X9 CLASSIC Airgun is the perfect choice for airgun enthusiasts of all levels. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced shooter, this airgun is sure to deliver an enjoyable shooting experience. Can I parcel airgun in India, Yes, So buy your NOW! from Aman Airgun India.


  • Caliber: .177
  • Max Velocity: 394 fps
  • Overall Length 10.04″
  • Shot Capacity: 39
  • SafetyL Manual
  • Blow Back: Yes
  • Powerplant: CO2
  • weight: 1.17
  • Front Sight: Yes
  • Rear Sight: Yes
  • Use: Plinking/Fun/Shooting Practice/Self Defence

2 reviews for X9 CLASSIC

  1. Gopal Patel

    The X9 CLASSIC airpistol is a decent choice for various activities. The build quality is good, and it’s lightweight, which is a plus. The 394 fps velocity provides enough power for plinking and shooting practice. However, the manual safety can be a bit finicky at times. Overall, it’s a reliable option for those who want a versatile airpistol, but there’s room for improvement in certain aspects.

  2. Prashant Sarkar

    I recently got the X9 CLASSIC Airpistol from Aman Airgun India, and I’m impressed with its performance. The accuracy is spot-on, making it great for plinking and shooting practice. The CO2 powerplant ensures consistent power, and the 39-shot capacity means more fun between reloads. The compact size is perfect for easy handling. Overall, a solid choice for those looking for a reliable airpistol!

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