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H&N sport Baracuda Match 500 counts


The H&N Sport Baracuda Match pellets come in a 500 count tin, and are crafted with precision and accuracy in mind. These pellets are made with lead-free alloy for consistent weight and balance, and feature an aerodynamic design for maximum force and trajectory.

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Looking for the best quality pellets for your airgun? Look no further than the H&N Sport Baracuda Match 500 counts pellets, available now at Aman Airgun India. These H and N pellets are the perfect choice for serious airgun enthusiasts who demand precision and accuracy with every shot.

Crafted with lead-free alloy, these pellets deliver consistent weight and balance, ensuring maximum impact with each shot. Their aerodynamic design also helps maintain trajectory, making sure your shot hits its intended target with maximum force.

With a 500 count tin, you’ll have plenty of H&N Sport Baracuda Match pellets for your next shooting session. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced shooter, these pellets are sure to impress with their exceptional accuracy and power.

Not only are these pellets suitable for all types of airguns, but they’re also great for target shooting, hunting, and plinking. And if you’re into competitive shooting or training, they’re an excellent choice.

So, why wait? Get your hands on the H&N Sport Baracuda Match 500 counts pellets from Aman Airgun India today and experience the ultimate in accuracy and performance. And remember, airguns do not require a license in India, so you can start shooting right away!

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  • Count: 500 pcs


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